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 What does it cost to rent a limousine?

Costs to rent a limousine usually are based on 5 factors.

1. Size and type of vehicle.
2. Day of the week.
3. Time of the year.
4. Company's Policies and Procedures.
5. Company's hourly rental estimate.

Size and Type of Vehicle  
   The size of the limousine and the amount of passengers in your party will determine the price of your rental estimate. Here are a few limousine rental estimates based on nationwide averages.

Limousine Style Comfortable Passenger Capacity Estimated Average Rates
Luxury Sedans 3 $30-$55 per hour + gratuity
Six-Passenger Limousines 4 $30-$65 per hour + gratuity
Eight-Passenger Limousines 6 to 7 $50-$85 per hour + gratuity
Ten-Passenger Limousines 8 to 9 $60-$100 per hour + gratuity
Twelve-Passenger Limousines 10 to 11 $85-$120 per hour + gratuity
Fourteen-Passenger Limousines 12 to 13 $95-$150 per hour + gratuity
Exotic Limousines ( Rolls Royce, Bentley ) Varies Varies
Stretch Hummers Varies $125-$300 per hour + gratuity
Stretch SUV Varies $125-$200 per hour + gratuity
Limo-Coaches (Limo style mini-bus) Varies $100-$175 per hour + gratuity
Motor Coach (Concert Style Party Bus ) Varies Varies

Please note: Gratuity is based on a country average of 20% of the limousine rental.
 I need a limo for 1 hour?
    You cannot rent a limousine for 1 hour.  Vehicle prep costs, travel times, and chauffeur salaries, a one-hour rental is not possible.  Most companies require a minimum 3 hour booking to rent a limousine.   
    Most companies offer deals on different types of packages, however, the availability of deals mostly depends on the time of week and the time of year.
You won't find special deals on Fridays & Saturdays! or during Prom season.  In these "high-demand" times the supply of limousines is short.
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