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A Limousine To The Prom Is Not An Indulgence But A Necessity To Keep Teenagers Safe And Parents Worry-Free

A joint study released by the Insurance Institute of America and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reported that teen drivers have the highest crash risk of any group. According to statistics for 1999, "Per mile traveled, they (teen drivers) have the highest involvement rates in all types of crashes, from those involving only property damage to those that are fatal. Almost 80 percent of the fatal crashes reported in the 16-19 age category involve driver error. This is almost 20 percent more than fatal crashes in the 20-49 year old category."

 prom limo planningScott Solombrino, president of the National Limousine Association, says that a professional chauffeur is clearly the best choice. "A trained professional chauffeur is infinitely safer than an inexperienced teen driver. National Limousine Association member companies have made a demonstrated commitment to safety. Our chauffeur typically have thousands of hours of experience on the road and he or she is almost definitely much more comfortable on the road than a teen driver, especially during all of the distractions, excitement and fun of Prom Night."

    Do we have to pay for the limo time while we attend our Prom?

You still have to pay for the rental time during your Prom, even if you aren't using the vehicle.  It cannot be used elsewhere; even if there are 2 or 3 hours in between the drop-off and pickup.

   Are there any prom discounts?
Limousine services do not offer discounts during prom time.
The demand for limousines during the spring exceeds the supply.

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